Make A Dear Me NH Video - Contest Rules

Make a video of yourself reading your Dear Me letter with the reasons you want to quit tobacco and win a chance to be on TV!

Your Video

Please be honest in your video, include images of your life and things that have meaning and relate to your letter. Shoot your video in the style of the Dear Me commercials. Two people who create compelling videos will be chosen to have their stories professionally produced. (These existing videos can be viewed on our website here and YouTube channel.)

From the videos submitted, two people will be chosen to have their stories about quitting be professionally produced and may air on local NH TV, radio, web and print media and will inspire other people to write Dear Me letters too. All letters and video content submitted become the property of the NH Tobacco Helpline (the State of New Hampshire) and may stay in our records for ten years. Our Dear Me New Hampshire video contest runs 1/12/2014-4/30/2015, semi-finalists will be contacted through the email they provide. Winning videos will be selected in July 2015.


To enter the contest you must be 18+, use tobacco, and live in NH. All entrants must follow the numbered steps for submitting their videos and failure to do so will result in disqualification.

To enter the Dear Me NH video contest:

1) Create your own Dear Me NH video, save it as filetype .mov, .mp4 or .wmv and make sure the filename is “DearMe-YourName” (for example, John Doe’s video file would be named: dearme-johndoe.mp4)

2) Send the video file to [email protected] via the free service and include your video filename in the the message.

3) Complete and submit contest entry release form.

Your video will be screened for appropriate content and then we will link to it on our YouTube channel with the other contest entries.

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