The Whizzinator


In the world of drug tests and job screenings, a product called “The Whizzinator” has gained attention, especially in states where marijuana use is legal but employers still conduct drug tests. This unique product is designed to help individuals pass urine drug tests without getting caught. The importance of reliable synthetic urine products, like The Whizzinator, becomes evident in situations where non-smokers may accidentally fail drug tests due to exposure to smokers. The fear of failing a THC drug test, even for occasional smokers or those around weed smokers, is a real concern.

The Whizzinator, created by Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS), is essentially a factory-made synthetic urine or pee. It comes in the form of a powdered substance containing ingredients such as creatine and uric acid, with additional components like sodium chloride, urea, potassium chloride, sodium phosphate, and ionized water. The kit, often advertised discreetly in stores as a sex toy to avoid legal issues, includes essential items like an instruction manual, dried urine, a syringe, heating pads, a fake penis (the shaft), a waistband, and leg straps for mounting the shaft.

The Whizzinator’s primary purpose is to help individuals ace urinalysis without detection. Its high success rate and the ability to pass urine tests make it a sought-after solution for those facing unexpected drug screenings. For anyone considering using The Whizzinator, it’s advisable to pre-order the complete kit well in advance of the test date, as early access allows for practice and familiarization with the components. While the use of such products may raise ethical questions, they serve as a practical response to the challenges presented by drug testing in certain employment situations.

Whizzinator Touch Review – Does It Really Work?

Product Description

The Whizzinator is a unique product designed to help individuals pass urine drug tests with ease. Created by Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS), a company known for its commitment to quality and discretion, the Whizzinator has gained a reputation for its high success rate among users. ALS emphasizes the importance of maintaining quality standards to ensure the effectiveness of the Whizzinator in helping individuals navigate urine drug tests without fear of detection.

This synthetic urine product, often referred to as a sex toy to avoid legal issues, serves a crucial purpose for those facing THC drug tests. The Whizzinator kit, available in various components, includes an instruction manual, dried urine, a syringe, heating pads, a fake penis (the shaft), a waistband, and two leg straps for securing the shaft. The dried urine, typically in the form of Powdered Human Urine, is a key component mixed with water to create fake urine.

The syringe plays a vital role in collecting the fake urine mixture and introducing it into the fake penis without any smears. Heating pads are included to adjust the temperature of the fake urine, ensuring it matches the normal body temperature range and passes the warmth test during drug screening. The fake penis, available in different skin color variations, such as brown, tan, black, white, and Latino, allows users to choose one that matches their skin type for discreet and effective use.

The Whizzinator, manufactured by ALS, provides a reliable solution for individuals seeking to pass urine drug tests successfully. Its comprehensive kit and attention to detail, from dried urine to color variations of the fake penis, demonstrate the manufacturer’s commitment to quality and user discretion.

Ingredients and Their Purpose

The Whizzinator boasts a concoction of ingredients, each playing a crucial role in its success. First up is creatine, contributing to specific gravity. This essentially means it helps mimic the density of real urine. Next on the list is urea, maintaining the pH balance and ensuring authenticity. Alongside these, there are other components carefully blended to create a formula that stands up to the scrutiny of drug tests.

For those wondering why anyone would need such a kit, it all ties back to the ongoing debate about marijuana use and employment. Even in states where marijuana is legal, employers may conduct drug tests, pushing some to explore creative solutions like the Whizzinator to maintain their privacy and job opportunities. As unusual as it may sound, understanding the science behind its ingredients sheds light on its effectiveness in passing urine drug tests undetected.

Usage Instructions

In the world of drug testing and employment screenings, facing a urine test can be nerve-wracking, especially for those who enjoy marijuana recreationally. Enter “The Whizzinator,” a product designed to help individuals pass urine drug tests without detection. This device, created by Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS), provides a discreet solution for those looking to maintain their privacy.

The Whizzinator kit consists of various components, including dried urine, a syringe, heating pads, a fake penis (the shaft), a waistband, and leg straps. The dried urine, often in the form of Powdered Human Urine, is a key element that, when mixed with water according to the instructions, produces synthetic urine. The syringe is used to collect and introduce the fake urine into the fake penis without any mess.

Heating pads play a crucial role in maintaining the temperature of the synthetic urine, ensuring it matches the body’s natural temperature. The fake penis comes in different skin tones, allowing users to choose one that matches their skin type for discretion. The process of using The Whizzinator involves strapping it on, applying a heating pad, and allowing the synthetic urine to flow into a test cup when needed.

For successful usage, following the step-by-step guide is essential. This includes mixing the powdered urine with water, injecting it into the bag, attaching heating pads, and adjusting the device for optimal temperature regulation. The user then confidently approaches the bathroom, collects the synthetic urine in a cup, and hands it over to the lab specialist, all while maintaining the appearance of a natural urine sample.

While The Whizzinator may raise ethical concerns, it has gained popularity as an alternative for those facing sudden and unannounced drug tests, such as probation drug testing. Despite not being FDA certified, ALS offers a 14-day return policy for unused and undamaged products, reinforcing the importance of user responsibility.

The Whizzinator provides a creative and discreet solution for individuals navigating the challenges of urine drug tests, offering a way to maintain privacy and potentially pass screenings undetected.

Pros and Cons

The Whizzinator is a product designed to help individuals pass urine drug tests without getting caught. It has gained popularity, especially in states where marijuana is legalized, but employers still conduct drug tests. The Whizzinator is manufactured by Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS) and comes as a kit with various components.

One of the pros of the Whizzinator, based on customer feedback, is its realism and reliability. Users appreciate its ease of use and discretion, making it portable for on-the-go situations. However, there are cons reported by users, including a learning curve for first-time users and price considerations.

The kit consists of essential components like dried urine, a syringe, heating pads, a fake penis (shaft), a waistband, and leg straps for mounting the shaft. The dried urine, when mixed with water, produces synthetic urine, while the syringe is used to introduce the mixture into the fake penis. Heating pads help maintain the temperature of the synthetic urine within the normal range.

The purpose of the Whizzinator is to trick lab specialists during urine drug tests. By following the instructions carefully, users can confidently use the kit to provide a fake urine sample that appears real. The process involves wearing the fake penis, injecting synthetic urine into a bag, applying a heating pad, and releasing the urine into a test cup when required.

Despite its effectiveness, there are risks and drawbacks associated with the Whizzinator. It’s relatively pricier than competitors, requires stealth and wit to use without detection, and has legal implications as its use is prohibited in many states. Users must use the heating pad to ensure the synthetic urine reaches the optimal temperature for the best results.

The Whizzinator provides a solution for individuals facing urine drug tests, offering both pros and cons based on customer feedback. It’s essential for users to follow the instructions meticulously and be aware of the potential risks associated with its use.

Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)

Q1: Does the Whizzinator really work?

A: Yes, the Whizzinator has been around for 16 years with positive user reviews, indicating its effectiveness. Choosing the right kit for your skin type and following instructions is crucial for success.

Q2: Does the Whizzinator work for alcohol?

A: Yes, the synthetic urine is designed to mimic natural urine, making it suitable for various drug tests requiring urine samples, including those for alcohol.

Q3: Does the Whizzinator work for opiates?

A: Yes, it works for opiates, similar to its effectiveness for alcohol in drug tests.

Q4: Can the Whizzinator be detected?

A: If used correctly, the Whizzinator remains undetected. However, revealing the kit during urine collection may cause trust issues with lab specialists.

Q5: How can I keep the dry urine powder?

A: After use, ensure the dried urine is secure in the bag, away from sunlight, and out of reach of children and pets.

Q6: What type of urinalysis can detect the Whizzinator?

A: Common urine tests won’t detect the Whizzinator, but more advanced urinalysis used for military personnel may identify fake urine.

Q7: What other products can I use with the Whizzinator?

A: The Whizzinator kit contains everything needed for passing urine drug tests undetected. Additional purchases may not be necessary for optimal results.

Q8: Where can I buy the Whizzinator kit?

A: The Whizzinator kit is available on Amazon and various e-commerce sites. You can also order directly from the manufacturer or search for local retailers.

Q9: Is there a female version of the Whizzinator?

A: Yes, there is a specialized version called the Whizzinator for women, which replaces the fake penis with a diaphragm fitting a woman’s pelvic region.

Q10: Can I reuse my Whizzinator kit?

A: Yes, after the first use, rinse the kit and store it in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children.

Q11: How do I clean the Whizzinator kit after use?

A: Rinse the different parts with water and allow them to dry, or use the Whizzinator cleaning solution to prevent bacterial accumulation.

Q12: Will there be consequences if I get caught using the Whizzinator touch kit?

A: Consequences vary by state, with some imposing fines and others implementing penalties based on prevailing laws regarding drug tests.

Summing Up

In wrapping up our exploration of The Whizzinator Review, it’s essential to recap the key points we’ve uncovered.

The Whizzinator touch kit stands out as a successful choice for individuals facing urine drug tests. The significance of having such a kit becomes apparent when considering the potential consequences, like the risk of losing a job or promotion due to a failed drug test.

With almost 16 years of market dominance, The Whizzinator brand has garnered trust, backed by predominantly positive user reviews. The comparison with other brands, such as The Monkey Dong kits, underscores Whizzinator’s popularity and consistent performance.

Now, let’s emphasize the product’s effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Users have found the Whizzinator to be reliable in helping them navigate drug tests successfully, contributing to a sense of assurance in various situations.

As we reflect on its value in different scenarios, it becomes evident that The Whizzinator is not just a product; it’s a solution that has proven its worth over time, providing individuals with a reliable tool to overcome challenges associated with urine drug testing.