FJ Cruiser Sightings

FJ Cruiser Snapshots

A mobile public health message will be traveling around the State of New Hampshire!
The Try To STOP TOBACCO Cruiser is wrapped with information about a free service to NH residents who want to quit smoking, chewing tobacco or know someone who is interested in quitting.

The FJ Cruiser will be at various New Hampshire locations and events and will be distributing informational materials about help with quitting. The main focus of the outreach is pregnant women, women contemplating pregnancy and women of childbearing age; but the services are free and available to all NH residents.

FJ Cruiser at Discover WILD New Hampshire Day

The NH Tobacco Helpline visited the NH Fish and Game in Concord for Discover WILD New Hampshire Day. We enjoyed talking with NH outdoor enthusiasts and their children about the health consequences smoking initiation and free help quitting. The event began in 1989 as an observance of Earth Day and a celebration of the State’s wealth of natural resources and outdoor opportunities. The Department of Environmental Services and Fish and Game Department help protect the State’s air and water quality and are guardians of the State’s fish, wildlife, and marine resources.

Smoky the Bear and the FJ Cruiser

Why are we there?

Cigarette butts are not bio-degradable and comprise an estimated 25 – 50 percent of all collected litter items from roads and streets. As many as 5.6 trillion cigarettes or 766,571 metric tons of butts are deposited into the environment worldwide every year. When left as litter, cigarette poisons travel up the food chain to damage commercial fisheries and water supplies. A recent study showed that cigarette waste easily meets standardized tests for city and state agencies to label a substance as toxic waste. This hazardous material persists in the environment for some time and is often ingested by aquatic creatures, wildlife, and pets, not to mention small children, who suffer serious health problems as a result.

Did you know?

Smoke-free beach laws help reduce butts on beaches by 45% according to the Audubon Society.

FJ Cruiser at NASCAR!

NH Tobacco Prevention & Control Program reaches out to NASCAR community with balloons, car air fresheners and information about the free Smokers’ Helplilne for NH residents. We’ll be there again in September for the races!

Nascar Cruiser Nascar Crowds Nascar FJ Cruiser

FJ Cruiser at Concord Market Days

NH Try to STOP TOBACCO vehicle visits Concord Market Days, in downtown Concord, NH. We enjoyed talking with the Boys and Girls Club about the health consequences smoking initiation and watched local kids enjoy the rainbow slide. Go Army!

Market Days Go Army Market Days Rainbow Slide Market Days Rainbow Slide and Kids

FJ Cruiser at Nashua Chamber of Commerce “Back to School” Event

NH Try to STOP TOBACCO cruiser visits The Nashua Public Library, in downtown Nashua, NH. A successful turnout! Tons of kids and parents came to get ready for the return to the school year – free backpacks, balloons and healthy messages for all!

Back to School Back to School Back to school Back to school

FJ Cruiser at Nashua Boys and Girls Club “National Night Out” Event

NH Try to STOP TOBACCO cruiser visits The Boys & Girls Club, in downtown Nashua, NH. Children and their parents come together across the country to take back the night. The Boys & Girls Club is presenting a message of safe neighborhoods and violence prevention. We were there to help talk about making healthy choices.

National Night Out

FJ Cruiser at NASCAR!

The Try-To-STOP TOBACCO Cruiser got to rev-up the conversation about quitting tobacco once again at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH. It never fails to impress us at the friendliness of NASCAR fans or the people who make the event happen. Thank you race-fans!

Nascar FJ Cruiser Nascar FJ Cruiser Nascar Event Nascar Event

FJ Cruiser Helps Talk to State Workers About Their Health

NH Try to STOP TOBACCO cruiser partnered with the Anthem Health Fair Bus to talk to State workers in Concord and Manchester, NH. Anthem staff, as well as many other NH organizations were on hand to talk to workers about preventative care. Anthem asked the question, “Do You Know Your Numbers?” as a prompt for workers to take an interest in their own health numbers (such as blood pressure & cholesterol). The Cruiser was there to talk to workers about the health benefits of quitting tobacco use.

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